Hello, Body

A Woman Makes Friends With Her Reflection

Artwork by Carol Anne Shaw

She is beautiful, but she hates her skin

And even when alone, she darts past the bathroom mirror, eyes to the ground

To step into the tub

Where she can disappear

Because, she likes it that way

Likes being below the surface of the water

Where it is quiet

Where she is invisible

Until decades later

In another mirror

Whens she catches sight of herself in a slant of sun in the corner of her bedroom

Looks ata body that has carried her such a long way

And yes, there she is

A little stooped

Scarred and sagging

But still stepping up, day after day

She stands in the sunlight

Smiles at her softness, at the paleness of her flesh

Athe slope of shoulder — at her flat, well-travelled feet

Hello body, she tells the mirror

What a beautiful thing you are

Bonafide word nerd. Author of 3 award-winning novels for young adults. Somewhat lazy painter. Living & writing from a tiny rural village on Vancouver Island.

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