Bona fide word nerd. Author of 3 award-winning novels for young adults. Somewhat lazy painter. Living & writing from a tiny rural village on Vancouver Island.

From the Diary of a Parentified Child

Unsplash Image by Sharon McCutcheon

I am nine when my father runs off with his 23-year-old secretary. He leaves a note on my mother’s pillow: I just don’t love you anymore. I know this because I find the crumpled piece of paper in the garbage can after my mother falls asleep on the couch. …

A Hard (Drive) Lesson to Learn

Images created with CANVA and GoGraph

A few years ago, I had a Big Mac attack. I preface this by stating I wasn’t parked out under the golden arches, pigging out on pseudo-meat inside a sesame-seed plastic bun. No, my Big Mac attack was all about my computer, and despite…

When the Child Becomes the Parent

Image by Carol Anne Shaw

Last week my 95-year-old mother, Pauline, was admitted into a long term care facility about twenty minutes from my home. She has dementia, hypertension, kidney disease, and in the past year or so, has dwindled to just over 100 pounds.

A fall just after Christmas put her in the hospital…

Who Used to be Good

Unsplash image by Spencer Davis

A year ago, I was on the honour roll. Home by ten. Running 5k a day.

A year ago, I was Good Louisa. Pretty. Dutiful. Compliant. But hey, things change. And so do people. …

You’re Doing it all Wrong

Image purchased from CANVA

Middle-aged women should work in banks, hospitals, and other respectable places

They should remember birthdays, passwords, and know how to cook their father-in-law’s favourite dish on auto-pilot

Middle-aged women should be good at budgeting

And instinctively know intricate details about laundry

They should sport short…

A Little Girl’s Musings on Marriage

Image purchased from CANVA

Rosemary thinks this marriage stuff is for the birds

It’s silly, she thinks; she will NEVER get hitched

Not ever

When she is older, she will change her name to Rosie

She will eat overpriced cereal for dinner, and wear clothing that is far…

Carol Anne Shaw

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